Light and Bright to Celebrate the Sun

Hello, Mr. Sun, it’s so nice to see you after the grueling, bleak days of winter. This spring, shoot for light and bright in your home’s décor. There are several easy things that you can do to celebrate the season’s light and beauty in your home’s décor and design. Really pull attention to the areas of your home that are open and have lots of light.

For a really good boost of the season’s light and airy feel, add a sunroom to immerse yourself in nature as you take your after-dinner coffee or do some reading or relaxing in the afternoon. Remember to think about light, pastel colors to pull the room together as you choose furniture and a comfy throw rug to finish the look.

Your living area can also be lightened up. Paint your end /coffee tables white, yellow or blue for a lighter look. Get rid of any clutter that makes space feel closed! Go for light and small decorations like some pretty stones in a glass bowl or vase. A slipcover in light green or blue over the couch dramatically changes the mood of the room. Green plants/greenery brings additional light and life to space!

Take advantage of the flowers blooming outside and bring some of the beauty and life inside your home with fresh cut flowers. A nice vase of white or yellow flowers on the table lightens and livens up the dining room and welcomes the light and air from the open windows. Choose a light neutral beige or brown for the tablecloth to enhance the light colors. If seasonal allergies are a problem for you, you can still tie the look together with some inexpensive, fake flowers from your local craft store. You can always find some interesting vases at a local vintage or secondhand store for a few dollars.

You will be pleasantly surprised with the dramatic change a coat of paint will make to your kitchen. Pastels, yellows, and light blues are great options for this centerpiece of your home. Try a pretty floral stencil around the top of the room if you are really feeling ambitious about lightening up space.

Every morning you say hello to your beautiful self in the mirror in the bathroom. Let spring’s beauty also penetrate this space with a few easy tricks. Rugs and toilet covers in bubble gum colors make this space feel pretty. Use some inexpensive Easter type baskets to hold your cosmetics to open up space and eliminate the clutter. White, blue, or yellow paint on the walls will also lighten up this area.

It makes for a happy day when you can say Good Morning to Mr. Sun. Consider moving your bed closer to the light of the window in your bedroom so you can bask in the glory of the morning’s sun like a cat stretching from a good nap. At least three lights in your bedroom will help to achieve the light and airy theme like the rest of the house. Place one lamp on your nightstand and one in your makeup or cozy sitting area to make light and bright! Try for a light soothing color like pale green or sea blue in this room. For added warmth and brightness, yellow and light orange can also work well in a bedroom.

By doing some simple upgrades, you can bring the light and brightness of spring into your home! Remember to accentuate natural light and brighten up the other spaces with additional lighting and some simple changes. Your home will have a fresh new look and feel with this season’s changes to the design and color!