Stone and Brick Veneer Concepts For Your Home

Stone and brick add a beautiful, rustic touch to any interior. If your original interior did not include one of these, you can update with stone or brick veneer. Adding simple touches with brick and veneer can transform a whole wall or a piece of it such as above a banister. Veneer is of course easier and cheaper to add than full brick or stone.

Now, some important concepts to get you started: first, stone and brick veneer add major texture. This can mean a couple of things for your home. One is that it is almost impossible to run your hand along the wall where there is stone or brick veneer. You will want to consider the placement of your stone or brick veneer carefully if you naturally run your hands along the wall in dark or light. Some problem areas might be the staircase or on walls adjacent to the bathroom.

Two, the texture is a big statement visually. It can blend in with tans and creams or even whites. If you love these colors and the smooth look of these kinds of walls, you may want a smoother stone or brick veneer. Try cream shades or water washed stone with shallow surface depth, or a flat face brick in a white shade rather than a rustic red one. Some brick even comes glazed or otherwise softly finished. These options will reduce the texture contrast between your brick or stone and lighter walls.

Thirdly, you want to consider the type of texture as an artistic concept for your home. This will mean assessing how much texture really speaks to you in a decorative way. You want something that adds some drama and acts as a centerpiece but doesn’t overwhelm.

Try looking at colors and tones, and also consider how much those variegate within the stone set you are getting. Narrow it down if it is too much statement to one or two stone shades, or add more color to the stone or brick if the look isn’t solid enough for your home. Assess the size of the wall when you consider how much color you want to add; generally people go lighter with larger walls. You don’t have to follow this rule of thumb though; if you love the look and want a lot of it, go for it. Just know that you may need extra lighting and brighter accents to finish the decor.

Besides texture, stone and veneer brick concepts add major color to your decor scheme. If it’s hard to see the colors in the stone or brick that you are thinking of choosing, put the stone or brick samples next to some finished wood samples or one foot square paint samples. The colors will pop and you can see how they might interact with your furniture and decor.

There are a couple of ways you can go with the color themes at play in the brick or stone veneer. One is to try to match the light or dark colors in the stones. Another is to try to match the colors that pop in the stone and paint those on the wall. Some common colors that pop out of stones are oranges, pinks, or blues. Some of the more obvious ones in brick are reds and oranges, but they can also be charcoal grays or flatter ash gray colors. Matching the shades can be tricky. Be prepared to spend a couple of hours picking stones and bricks from a set if you have the option, or if you are picking among sets set aside the time needed to assess the color differences. That little flash of orange may be brighter than you think!