The HardieZone® System

The HardieZone® System provides siding with specific performance attributes relative to the climate where the siding is being installed. As a result, James Hardie siding gives you the ability to put the optimum siding on your home regardless of the climate in your location.

James Hardie based the HardieZone® System on the eight individual climatic variables that primarily affect the long-term performance of siding. Using these factors they arrived at ten distinct climatic zones. The zones have individual characteristics, but they found common variables, allowing them to engineer the HZ5® product line for zones 1-5, and the HZ10® for zones 6 through 10.

Arrow Exteriors, Inc. recommends installing the HZ5® for homes in the NE Kansas region. The HardieZone® System gives you peace of mind that your home will be fully protected from the elements, and with their 30 year limited warranty on their fiber cement siding, you can be assured of a long lasting, beautiful and protective investment in your home. Contact us for a free quote today!