Why ProVia Stone Is Ideal for Outdoor Landscaping Projects

What do you want to accomplish with your outdoor landscaping project? You want it to be easy to install and look great. Learn why ProVia stone is ideal for your outdoor landscaping projects.

Outdoor Landscaping Stone

Nowadays, home resale value might be a big concern during your outdoor replacement or remodeling project. A 2015 survey of value per cost for home remodeling projects found that a manufactured stone veneer delivered the second highest value per cost (behind steel doors).

You get a lot of bang for the buck with ProVia stone. Increase curb appeal for your home.

ProVia stone delivers what homeowners want. This is the “Professional Way.” ProVia enjoys superiority in the following characteristics: 1. Shape, 2. Size, 3. Color and 4. Cost.

1. Shape

Fireplaces, barbecue pits and backyard gardens can complete the look and feel of your home. They give you a space to entertain guests and spend time with your family. Homeowners have a variety of preferences for the shapes of their manufactured stones.

Unlike competitors like Canyon Stone, ProVia has a full ranges of shapes available. With Provia manufactured stone products, the primary shape is already formed; professionals can easily modify it to the homeowner’s exact specifications. Here is the impressive list of manufactured stone shapes available at ProVia:

  • Ledgestone
  • Dry Stack
  • Limestone
  • Fieldstone
  • River Rock
  • Terra Cut
  • Natural Cut
  • Precision Fit™

The Precision Fit™ style is easy, seamless and attractive. Its shape enables professionals to save time during installment. It delivers a natural color with realistic texture.

2. Size

Landscaping projects require the transportation, handling and placement of manufactured stones. ProVia stones are the ideal size for you to complete your project. These stones are perfect for vertical installation due to being lightweight.

You can choose from 2-inch, 3-inch and all the way up to 8-inch stone sizes. Standard sizes allow you to plan your designs ahead-of-time. You know what to expect with ProVia stone.

ProVia stone is easy to install. Just match up your lines. The texture is nice and hard; this provides you with a clean sharp, precise cut. Other inferior, soft manufactured stones might turn to powder.

3. Color

The right colors, shades and hues can deliver a beautiful home veneer. ProVia stone provides you with about a dozen color palettes. These colors might be superior to what is offered by Canyon stone.

ProVia shades allow you to create just the right mood. These color palettes offer you some of the most appealing combinations. These are beautiful and will create an appealing backdrop for your social activities.

Unlike bland stones, ProVia manufactured stone colors have deep shadow lines. These are achieved using raw pigments and oxides to deliver a rich, lush hue. Create the vibrant stone veneer that you have always dreamed of.

4. Cost

Mother Nature can’t beat ProVia on cost either. That is one of the primary reasons that people chose manufactured stones. It can be very difficult to find the exact color, size and shape of stone for your outdoor landscaping project.

ProVia delivers a cheaper stone product that is just what professionals want. These manufactured ProVia stones have superior color, shape and size options compared to Canyon stone. You can get the right stone at the right price at ProVia.

ProVia manufactured stone is the “Professional Way.” If you want to create just the right look, then trust ProVia stone. ProVia delivers superior shape, size, color and cost. Your outdoor landscape is looking beautiful with ProVia manufactured stone.